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Burlington High School Nurses


Maureen Webb, RN, BSN, MEd,     Monday-Friday, mwebb@bsdvt.org
Jessica Valin, RN, BSN
                   Wednesday-Friday, jvalin@bsdvt.org

JoAnne Limanek, RN                      Monday & Tuesday, jlimanek@bsdvt.org




Phone: 864-8586 || Fax:864-2167


The Burlington High School Health Office is open from 7:30am-3:15pm every school day. Our staff of skilled school nurses are available to administer medications, provide routine hearing and vision screenings, respond to emergencies as well as aches and pains of the students and staff. In addition, the nurses can help set up doctor/dental appointments, work through insurance enrollments, and assist in navigating the health care system.

The student Emergency Health Form (see link below) is required in the Health Office each school year. This form provides the health office with up to date information regarding students health insurance, emergency contacts as well as permission to administer Ibuprofen (Advil) and Acetominophen (Tylenol) to students during the school day.

Students with Special Health Conditions such as Asthma, Diabetes, Seizures, Cystic Fibrosis or Severe Allergies to foods or bee stings need to have a special health plan on file (see link below).

Students requiring prescription medications during the school day are required to have a Medication Permission Form on file and signed by both the parent/guardian and the prescribing physician (see link below) indicating the medication, the dosage, and any special instructions regarding administration. Both the special health plans and medication permission forms need to be updated every year.


Dental Program/Tooth Tutor Program

Diane Polson, RDHdpolson@bsdvt.org
316-0378,  864-8586
The goal of this program is to make sure all students have access to a dentist and are seen at least once a year.  All Burlington School District students, or siblings of students, who are enrolled in Medicaid (Dr. Dinosaur) or are low-income and uninsured and have not been seen in the last year are welcome at CHCB's Dental Center.  
It's easy, just fill out a registration form (one for each child), sign it, and send it back to our Dental Hygienist or School Nurse.  CHC will then contact you with an appointment.  Once your child is signed up, the school and CHC will take care of everything else.  Transportation is provided by SSTA.  They will pick-up your child at school, bring them to their appointment and safely return them back to school after their appointment is complete.
Parents are welcome to attend their child's appointment.
For more information contact Diane Polson, our Dental Hygienist, or one of our school nurses.  To register your child, please use the form listed below under "Files".



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